Seed Forum Ukraine Foundation (SFUF) is a non-profit NGO with headquarters in Kyiv, Ukraine. It is is part of the  global Seed Forum network of national not-for-profit foundations and national representative offices in more than 40 countries around the world.

Our mission is to develop a vibrant startup eco-system, fuel technology based SME growth and stop rapid brain drain from the country, which significantly obstructs social and economic development of Ukraine. Ukraine possesses a vast intellectual potential and is a global hub of exceptional entrepreneurial and technical talent. Through building a vibrant community, organising events to boost specific skills in innovation for work and life throughout the network of our iHUB innovation and entrepreneurship centers (operated by SFUF) and other SFUF initiatives all over Ukraine we aim to empower young entrepreneurs to employ their potential in achieving own economic security and building a more just and sustainable society at large.

To successfully achieve our goals we work closely with innovative SMEs, incubators, accelerators, universities, large ICT corporations, government agencies, and numerous other public and private for-profit and not-for-profit organisations across the region and the world.

Today in Ukraine SMEs account for only 10-15% of GDP, compared to 70% in France. As the 3rd largest country for ICT freelancing in the world – Ukraine is world renowned for its ICT specialists, and today it is a global hub of exceptional technical talent – with 1% of world population, Ukraine has 6% of world’s engineers. Moreover Ukraine takes 1st place in the world according to the number of certified ICT specialist per capital. The ICT sector in Ukraine is well positioned to show dynamic growth in the future with proper support. We plan to leverage this capacity in building up a stronger SME sector by helping young entrepreneurs and innovators succeed in business.

Today in Ukraine alone, Seed Forum unites into one strong entrepreneurial eco-system well over 300 technology based startups and well over 30 000 young entrepreneurs and innovators. Additionally around 20 000 ICT specialists, programmers, designers, system administrators and freelancers are active in our network. Together this constitutes a very strong community which is expected to rapidly grow in the coming years and reform the economic system from within.